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The Studies and Research Centre of the Catholic Higher Institute of the Hainaut province

« Multiple expertise to the industrial world »

 The Studies and Research Centre of the Catholic Higher Institute of the Hainaut province, abbreviated CERISIC, was founded in Mons on 5 October, 1984. It is intended for collaboration around research projects or applied research carried out for the benefit of individuals, companies or organizations in different fields of science, technology, management and training.

 The CERISIC takes full advantage of the expertise of teachers of the technical department of the HELHa College (Haute Ecole Louvain en Hainaut). With a teaching staff consisting of 80 doctors and engineers, the technical department trains over 1,500 students in the town of Mons (Belgium). On average, 80 graduate with a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering sciences and 120 with a Bachelor’s degree.

 During summer 2014, the CERISIC followed the technical department of the HELHa college, when it moved to the HELHa UCL Mons – campus, located Chaussée de Binche in Mons. The CERISIC takes advantage of new facilities including nearly 2,000 m² of laboratories and industrial halls at the cutting edge of technology. Moreover, the CERISIC is planning to build its own industrial hall to host new test benches in electronics, electromechanics, thermal engineering and biotechnology.

 Promoting multidisciplinary projects, the expertise of the CERISIC covers:

  •  Fluid mechanics (thorough understanding of fluid flow in the components of petroleum well drilling heads),
  • Combustion engines (performing tests on engines, including management measures within the combustion chambers, operating results),
  • Thermal field (controlling combustion parameters of wood in households, study of chemical processes observed in the non-mechanical sweeping of chimneys)
  • Chemistry-Biochemistry (analytical axis: GC-MS, HPLC AAS, ICP, polarography, … axis and process engineering: tangential filtration, micro-brewery, preparative chromatography, …)
  • Electrical engineering (bench test development of various powers for applications in wind energy, aerospace, the industry, etc.)
  • Electronics (telecommunication development components based on FPGA platforms or Foxboard).

The CERISIC has recently initiated collaborations with paramedical and agricultural departments of the HELHa College, which share the same interests for applied technology research.

In the wake of two FIRST HE projects in chemistry and biotechnology, the CERISIC has decided to invest firstly in an experimental micro-brewery which can brew from 0.2 to 2 hl per brew to brew using a mash kettle, based on a modern technology, and secondly in a center of expertise in the assessment of industrial and institutional detergents & disinfectants. These two new modern facilities are available to any company or institution that would be able to conduct trials supervised by our project engineers.

 The CERISIC has also recently developed a complete station meeting the current standards of testing and measurement of the efficiency of domestic wood fireplaces. The CERISIC has also created two hydraulic stations to industrial size for the study and simulation of all types of flow.

Through various research projects in partnership with the industrial world, the CERISIC carries out mounting didactic pilot equipment available to teachers and students of the college’s technical department to enable them to work on the facilities at the cutting edge of technology. We can name, among others:

  • installation of micro- and tangential ultrafiltration,
  • brewing and fermentation vessels,
  • wind bench drive with an output of 20 kilowatts interfaced to the network,
  • set of hydraulic stations,

The CERISIC employs 13 full-time equivalent employees, of which 10 qualified researchers, engineers and doctors. The annual turnover is around € 650,000, of which around 90% comes from research programs receiving subsidies from the Walloon region. Over the past years, more than 15 projects have been selected by the research branch of the Walloon Region.

The CERISIC is also involved in technology transfer from Graduate schools to businesses through technological service offerings or life-long training.